Connect and Celebrate who you truly are




Creation is dependent on each living creature doing what it is supposed to do to make the world a blessed community with fairness and justice for all.

I welcome people of all beliefs and doubts, knowing that your life is unique and its destiny significant. Your inner being is precious; we will journey together to find and follow your own true self.


When you and I connect regarding the service I can offer, you can be assured I will listen to find what is important to you.  As an interfaith minister and spiritual guide, I acknowledge that all truly heartfelt quests possess legitimacy.  I also respect transitions in your faith formation as the natural and appropriate way to absorb your life experiences.  I too have changed and assimilated new ways of expressing what I believe is True.

I have worked with a directee on the transition from career to post-career work.  This person wishes to use those talents to serve the world’s needs without thinking only about the bottom line.  I have worked with persons who are wondering about family relationships, how they are changing and what is the best way for this person to be authentic within the family dynamic.

Where does a person find meaning in their life? I believe you are wise about the center core of yourself  –that part that makes you unique out of all the others.  Let us talk and listen to find that center core.  May you strengthen that core as you interact with life, its challenges and opportunities!!




Contact me  Rev. Susan Morrissson

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